Lately, I’m receiving a lot of article links, postings, boastings, and advice columns on time management. I like to speculate that time management is not an issue for me. But it is.

I wrote an article for the Mermaids of the Lake, (yes, I am an aspiring Mermaid) and have to follow my own advice this week.

Somehow, things get out of control and I find myself close to a burnout. Like a nitro race car that spins it’s tires, shrieks rubber, and blows smoke; when it’s done with the quarter mile sprint, maybe 7 seconds later, it’s done.

I am determined to get back in the right lane. My husband, a dear, sweet man, (hmmmm…mostly) made a mistake the other day–he mentioned I was a procrastinator. Oh, how dangerous is that? His line stung and I retaliated in my mind. … I am not a procrastinator …I just have a lot to do.


The Northwest Christian Author newsletter from January 2010 had a great article on time management written by Agnes C. Lawless:

“#9. Learn to say no – One of the best time-savers is saying no to requests that don’t contribute to your goals. When the persons asking are friends, family members, or close associates, you may find it difficult to decline. But you can say, ‘I’m sorry. I’m busy that day,’ or ‘That won’t fit into my schedule.’ You must live by your priorities, not those of other people.” The Northwest Christian Author, Volume 21, Issue #7,


This morning I cleaned three items, put things away, planned dinner, and vowed to follow through. Too many friends complain to me about not getting things done. But they say yes to everything that sounds good. JUST SAY NO! And do not offer an explanation. And do not require one from a friend who says no. We tell each other to say no when we have to, but then when we offer a no, it’s not accepted or a popular answer.

Don’t try to convince someone who says no to change their mind…even if it seems like a great offer to you.

Want to change an area of your life? Plan the time frame to do it, warn family and friends you are not available, then DO IT. Your life will be better and you and everyone around you will benefit.


Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking…

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